3 Tips for Making a Significant Difference

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You may have heard so much about making a difference in your world that you probably do not need another motivational talk. What you need is a decisive action springing up from a foundation of self-awareness. This is because you must first be before you can do. In other words, you cannot make a difference if you have not discovered who you are.

No two human beings are exactly alike. God made everyone different; hence, making a difference simply boils down to discovering God’s unique purpose for your life and living it out.

Here are three useful tips for making a significant difference:

How Can You Make a Significant Difference?

1. Start small: Don’t despise the days of little beginning. Any big dream that doesn’t start small is only a daydream. The Good Book says a little one shall become a thousand and a small one shall become a great nation. Identify what God has called you to do and start somewhere – anywhere. It may be something as simple as sending text messages, creating a Facebook page, opening a Twitter account or starting a blog. And these things are neither difficult nor expensive. If you are waiting until you have everything you need, you will have to wait very long, perhaps forever. Don’t be intimidated by obstacles or perceived incompetence. Get started and tackle the obstacles as you go on. Deal with your fears, step out of your comfort zone and get started.

2. Think globally and act locally: You are making a significant difference when you:

  • Do little things in a big way
  • Do common things in an uncommon way
  • Do ordinary things extraordinarily well.
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Let the excellence and perfection of the Creator shine through everything you do. What improvement or innovation can you bring to your business, ministry or career? How can you repackage an existing product, process or commodity to meet global standards?

3. Do for a few what you would like to do for many: I first read this on Michael Nichol’s blog and it made such a strong impression on me. You don’t have to wait until you have the capacity to fulfil your dreams on a large scale. Just do something with what you have where you are. It can be as little as buying textbooks for an indigent student, providing sandals for a poor schoolboy or arranging a decent meal for a less privileged family. You see, each human being is an expression of God. And God does not see people as statistics, He sees them as individuals. So, it means a lot to Him when you alleviate one person’s problems. You’ll find this difficult if your goal is to impress people or receive recognition. In my own experience, I have learnt to perform for an audience of one – the Almighty. I don’t seek to impress people; I seek to impress the Creator. And the more I impress Him, the more I will be a blessing to the world.

Now that you know these things, what will you do with them? It’s time to banish your excuses and take decisive actions. The challenges around you are your opportunities. The possibilities are vast, especially for those in developing nations, because in pitch darkness, even the faintest glimmer makes a world of difference.

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