5 Easy Steps to Help You Get Your Priorities in Order

get your priorities in order

These days, the things that demand your attention are simply exhausting, so much so that it is nearly impossible for you to get your priorities in order. To help put things in perspective, you’re working hard to ensure that you can pay the bills before your subscription to virtually everything expires. Alongside that, you’re doing your best to make sure that the children become clothed and fed. While trying to get that done, you’re trying to keep your social life from dying.

All of these can be too much sometimes. Unfortunately, they don’t always translate to a fulfilled life. For example, when you work too much, you run the risk of neglecting your children. When you spend too much time with your kids, you might leave your wife feeling unwanted. When you keep your social life as bubbly as it was in your university years, you might end up neglecting just about everyone and everything. So, how do you get your priorities in order such that you can be truly happy?

1. Take a break and actually think

Right now, you can’t get your priorities in order because you’re not doing a lot of thinking. At the moment, it’s safe to say that you’re running on emotions because you really can’t compromise providing for your family. So, take a break and decide what is truly important to you.

2. Make a list of everything you do daily

This is to help you see where your time goes and how you can better manage it. The chances are that there are a few extra hours or minutes of your day that could be better utilized taking care of yourself or bonding with your family. Nevertheless, make that list.

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3. Cut down on the unnecessary stuff

You might think that they’re fairly necessary, but to be honest, they really aren’t. There are better ways to check up on your friends than constantly checking their pictures across social media. There are other events you can attend besides the one that’s filled with different strangers and that one friend who invited you. Cut back on these things that you don’t necessarily need to do.

4. Try to see what the next week will look like

Unless you’re addicted to these activities, you’ve already freed up your days to accommodate other activities. You shouldn’t be going back to them unless they’re incredibly important. So, for the next week, try to fill your schedule up with other things that actually require your attention. Call your parents, and pick your kids up from school instead of having your wife/the bus do it.

5. Stick with it

Finally, it might take a few weeks before you finally realize what you want. But, as soon as you do, make sure that you don’t deviate from it. Stick to your new schedule and follow it while allowing yourself free time to get some rest.

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