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5 Personal Hygiene Tips for Men

personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is simple and straightforward, and the benefits far outweigh any effort that is put in. Here we run you through five basic personal hygiene tips that will take your life to another level.



I know we’ve all heard the now boring cliché, ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’, but not everybody actually thinks through the depth of knowledge that resides in that centuries-old wise saying. Being clean applies to many areas of our lives (probably more than what we think of). We can talk of cleanliness in our eating habits, environment, clothing, body, etc.

This article is focused more on bodily cleanliness. How are men supposed to maintain a healthy body? What hygienic habits are we supposed to inculcate as men?

The following are top 5 personal hygiene tips for men:

1. Use the Blades

If you get to see the nails (both finger and toe) of some guys, they can scare the hell out of you. Some men prefer to keep their nails long. However, the contrary is appropriate. Men need to keep their nails short. Unnecessarily long nails could harbour germs. Aside from that, it could be injurious e.g. caressing your spouse with such fingers.

Besides cutting the fingernails, shaving the private region is just as important. Frequent shaving of the region ‘down there’ helps to prevent scratching and itchiness. It also reduces the probability of germs being harboured there.

Also needing the blade is the air under our armpit. Leaving that part of the ‘hair region’ bushy isn’t an ideal thing. Besides, this would help reduce the foul smell that emanates from that part of the body after a strenuous task.

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Change your Underwear Frequently

Have you not heard that some guys are in the habit of wearing boxer shorts for 5 days? As guys, we need to frequently change our underwear. A boxer short and singlet per day should not be hard to keep up with. Because our underwear is the closest to the skin, it is more exposed to our perspiration and excretions, and they harbour more germs (and they can be very malodorous, too.)

So, remember, when you return from work and you shower, you should change your underwear!

Brush and Bath (at least twice daily)

Frequently changing your underwear isn’t just enough, as a guy, you should try to have your bath at least twice daily. You want a template?

  • In the morning, before going to fend for yourself
  • At night, before going to bed

As simple as this template seem, it would shock you to discover that some guys don’t do it.


And although virtually all of us have watched the Close-up/ Pepsodent adverts that advise us to brush at least twice daily, some of us barely do. Perhaps, we’re too engrossed in work. Or should I say pleasure?


Use Deodorants

Surely, you don’t want to approach a lady only to hear that you stink! Because some us sweat heavily even when in an air-conditioned environment, we tend to perspire a lot. This is especially obvious if you look at men’s shoulder joint region. Using deodorants is a solution. Deodorants are great resources for reducing body odour—that foul smell we get after heavy perspiration.

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Aside from using deodorants, a number of steps can also help reduce body odour. They include:

  • Bathing regularly
  • Using body spray or deodorants
  • Washing your clothes regularly


Visit the Dentist

When the need does arise, please ensure you visit the dentist for all tooth problems, including toothache and tooth decay, because the teeth are a centre of attraction, and adequate care needs to be given to the teeth. Maintaining healthy and hygienic white teeth, for a reason, is a sure way to remain charming and lovable.

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