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5 Ways to Handle Your Weaknesses

Simple ways to handle your weaknesses

Denying the fact that you don’t have a weakness is living a life of lies. Most men find it hard to accept the fact that they have weaknesses. They project their areas of strength to cover up the fact that beneath that strength there are weaknesses. Making your partner aware of your weaknesses is a good step in setting the foundation of your relationship or marriage. Some men in trying to cover up their weaknesses assume strength that they don’t possess. There might be weaknesses in you that you don’t see, that can only be spotted by others. It takes a humble person to admit his weakness when pointed out by someone else. Successful leaders of our recent history had their own weaknesses. Some battle with anger, others were the issue of self-esteem, while some found it hard to keep away from the pleasures of sex.

What is a weakness? A weakness is a flaw, it can also be said to be a weight you carry around that slows you down. It is important that we reiterated the fact that it is human to have a weakness. But the challenge is that most people haven’t acknowledged the fact that they have a weakness in one area or the other.

Sometimes, some of the things you call your strength may be your weakness. For instance, if someone is used to telling the truth, he might be predisposed to judging others who he might perceive as telling lies. And that on its own might be a weakness.

You might say, “Yes, I have a weakness, I know, but I rather continue to live with it that way.” I beg to disagree, because it is important that you work on our weaknesses. It is important to work on your weaknesses because of your self-image. Also, if your weaknesses are not properly handled, it might lead to a loss of opportunities. It is also important because of your relationships. A weakness you don’t handle carefully might be a hindrance to your relationship with the people around you.

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How to Tackle Your Weaknesses

Here are simple steps to handling your weaknesses:

1. Acknowledge the fact you have a weakness: Recognising your weakness helps you to handle it easily. A clergyman confessed to his friend that he is too quick to anger. But he’s been able to control it since the day he read in the scriptures that, “Anger dwells in the bosom of fools”. He said since the day he saw that scripture, he has learnt to control his anger. That might not work for everyone, but the clergyman accepted the fact that he had a weakness. And he found a way to deal with it. The first solution to handling your weakness is acknowledging and accepting the fact that it exists.

2. Realise that you are not the same as your weakness: It is surprising when you hear people make statements like “I know I’m prone to anger, leave me alone, it’s my nature.” That cannot be true; you are not the same as your weakness.

Being prone to weaknesses doesn’t mean you should accept it as your nature. Immediately you accept your weakness as your nature, it becomes processed in your thought and then a fixed mental attitude, which defines your personality. But having the knowledge that your weaknesses are temporary limitations that want to obstruct you from achieving your dream gets you on the right track.


Victory over internal thoughts of the mind which come as auto-suggestions is a platform for being in control of your actions.

3. Kill the self word “I” and walk in love: The self word “I” is another challenge that must be subdued. A man that is only concerned about himself will step on others without considering working on his weakness. “I” speaks of selfishness, when it is alive; it doesn’t consider others, but itself alone. That on its own is a weakness. But when you work in love, putting others before you, it helps you to project more of your strength than that of your weakness.

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4. Speak to an expert about it: The place of expert advice cannot be over-emphasised in this issue. Experts play a major role to help you proffer a psychological solution to the weakness. There is a prescribed solution for every weakness and there are experts that preside over them. They have been trained to proffer solutions in their areas of expertise. Finding a solution in such a place will help you handle your weaknesses.

5. Pray about it: Some people say prayer is for the weak ones who have accepted the fact that there is no more for them on this planet. I strongly disagree, because standing in the place of expectation is looking out for a change that can only come through the supernatural. I strongly believe that praying shows your sincerity and willingness to handle your weakness in a proper light. Having done all that is expected of you, there will definitely be an answer to your prayer. This is because where there is a willingness, there is always a way out.

I advise you not to give up on trying to handle your weaknesses, do all you can to better yourself and turn your weaknesses into your strength. You will be surprised at how your weaknesses will turn to become your strength and drive your success.  I conclude with the opinion of Knute Rockne, who said “Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points”.

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