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Glasses: A Trending Style for Men


We spoke to a few men, and they gave us excuses why they don’t wear glasses.

“I don’t like putting on glasses, no matter how fashionable they appear,” – Daniel Akhor

“I misplace my sun glasses any time I get one, so I chose not to buy them again,” – John Uchenna

“Although, I have eye defect, but I will rather not wear glasses, it makes me appear too serious,” – Samson Uwadiah.

Beyond the excuses, here are  reasons men need to wear glasses

People believe men are not keen when it comes to Fashion. I don’t agree with that view as things are taking a quick turn when it comes to men fashion.

Fashionable glasses are one trending style men have embraced.

Although, few men don’t follow fashion trends for personal reasons known to them.  This article is meant to throw an insight on the important of fashionable glasses.

It is Fashionable

Some dress patterns requires fashionable glasses. They make you  appear fine and smart.

Fashionable glasses are designed to suit both casual and corporate dress pattern. It is important you consider your  facial structure to know the one that suites you better. They also serve as a support to your dressing.

Personal Reasons

Certain transactions requires a serious appearance. During such transaction, what you say is tied to how you look.  Transparent glasses can help send this message.

For instance, nerds are known for serious looks; they send this message by the glasses they wear. It could be for eye defect, fashion purposes or even for both.

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Another good example is people who sell intellectual services. Such people need to always appear serious. And a glass can help them achieve that.

Environmental Condition

A harsh environment where the sun ray is high, it is advisable for  people to put on sun glasses.

This is one reason which makes men put on fashionable sun glasses beyond the fact that it is also fashionable.

Eye Defect

Eye defect is one reason some men should also consider putting on glasses.

Men may not like the serious looks, they should be concerned about what it is meant to do.

As you wear the glass, it will correct your eye defect over time.


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