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How to Achieve Your Goals in Seven Simple Steps

How to achieve your goals in 7 simple steps

The importance of goal setting cannot be overemphasised. In addition to putting us on the path of predictable success, goal setting helps us to make the right decisions that will transform our lives and move us closer to our desired reality. Having worthwhile goals and working towards achieving them will give meaning and direction to our day-to-day activities. You can learn to set worthwhile goals by following these seven steps:

1. Take stock of your current situation

What do you think of your current situation? Are you happy with it? Are you living your best life and making the most of every opportunity available to you?

2. Analyse your result from step 1

Why are you not happy with your current situation? What can you do about it? What do you really desire? Are your desires genuine and heartfelt or are you acting out someone else’s script? Spend some time in solitude and quiet introspection to determine what you really want. Now, go ahead and write down why you want to achieve them. Do you feel capable?

3. Set your realistic goals

Set realistic goals in line with your deep desires that you discovered in step 2.

4. Acquire knowledge

Knowledge is power. You need the right knowledge to achieve your goals. So you need to get educated. Take stock of your strengths and weaknesses. What are the factors in your favour and what are the factors you are up against? Get the skills needed to fulfil your goals. Remember that no skill is a natural endowment, all skills are acquired.

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5. Learn from experts in your field

Don’t try to re-invent the wheel. Rather, model experts in your field who have achieved what you desire to achieve. Study and analyse them. Read their books, follow their blogs and connect with them in other ways that you can. Discover the proven principles that have undergirded their success. Find a mentor that can teach you what you lack. You can even learn from people who have passed on through their books, audiovisual materials and other legacies that they left behind. This step is very important.

6. Translate your goals to actionable steps

At this point, you need to put your goals into little tasks that you can do every day. For instance, if you’re planning to write a book, you can start by drawing an outline and devoting a particular chunk of time to developing content for each part of the outline on a daily basis. Think through whatever goals you have and boil them down to actionable steps in such a way that you can monitor your progress.

7. Be patient

You can’t plant a seed now and reap the harvest overnight. Don’t be so attached to the results that you get worked up putting yourself under undue pressure. Focus on constantly improving yourself and helping others improve themselves. Exercise faith and be patient. Your will eventually accomplish your desires at the right time. You might even end up with something better than what you expected.

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