How to Encourage Your Child’s Individuality

child's individuality

Your child’s individuality is the part of their personality that stands them out. It is what makes them unique. It is a combination of their interests, experiences, talents, understanding of the world, and virtually everything else. In essence, it is what makes them themselves.

This individuality is something that you really cannot afford to toy with because it is what will help your child to have a level of mental independence later in life such that s/he can make valuable decisions. So, how exactly do you encourage your child’s individuality? Let’s see.

1. Support them more than anyone

Realistically speaking, you don’t know how much everyone else is supporting them. So, you really can’t tell when you’re supporting them more than anyone. But, the main point we’re trying to pass across here is that you should support your child as much as possible. When they achieve anything new or create something, make them feel happy about it. That way, they’ll realize their ideas are good enough and won’t be inclined to just copy someone else’s.

2. Get involved in their lives

The only way for you to guide your child and shape their individuality into all that it can be is by being there for them. Apart from the encouragement it provides, it also helps you to notice mistakes and refine processes. So, at major and minor points in your child’s life, ensure that you are actively involved.

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3. Be enthusiastic

Even when they’re bringing an idea that sounds funny and absolutely ridiculous to your adult mind, entertain it like you’re genuinely interested. If it is completely impossible to execute, introduce them to another idea with childish wonder and get their interest in it pumped as high as possible.

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4. Be there for them through major changes

Whether they’re changing schools, classes, or going through puberty, you need to be there for your kid. This is because they are entering a new phase of their life that they’re not completely used to. In this phase, they might want to copy others just so they fit in and survive. Don’t allow this to happen. Help to maintain your child’s individuality by being there for them when they’re changing.

5. Encourage their hopes and dreams

Children might have some of the most grandiose dreams you can think of. But, it is what keeps them going, and it is our hope for a better tomorrow. So, while trying to keep your child on the path of individuality, encourage their dreams whenever they tell them to you. Don’t be a downer, even if you have to help them refine it.

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