How to Make Your Spouse Feel Special Every Day

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It is a pity that many people across the world only remember the word “love” during the Valentine season. This shouldn’t be the case because love should be an everyday affair. Your love for your spouse should increase and get stronger by the day. It should not be limited to once in 365 days.

Lovers are tempted greatly to shower extreme love only on Valentine’s Day. That should not be the case for genuine love. The flame of love should be kept burning all day and lighted all night long.

So, how can you make your partner special every day irrespective of the season?

1. Show respect to your spouse at all times

Respect is the missing link in so many relationships today. Lovers often take each other for granted as a result of familiarity which breeds contempt.

When you respect your partner, you will see the need to value and speak respectfully and not demean or take her feelings for granted. Many relationships have hit the rock due to the lack of respect.

2. Listen attentively to your partner

It is not only women that crave to be listened to. Men also want their women to listen to them. Shut out every other distraction when your partner is speaking to you. Listen to your partner as if your life depends on it. Your partner will feel special for that and will love you more.

3. Plan your life together

When you endeavour to plan your life together, you directly enroll the other person into your life. Planning your life together makes your partner to feel part of your present and future.

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 4. Surprise. Surprise

Lovers love surprises from their partner. Spring up surprises every now and then. Let your creative juices flow. Don’t let your surprises start to be predictable. Your partner will feel special with the occasional surprise.

5. Know your partner’s love language

Knowing your partner’s love language will ensure that you’re pressing the right button and not just running wild. Knowing your partner’s love language will ensure that you know when to render an act of service when to give words of affirmation when to buy gifts, spend quality time or just hold her close.

This piece is definitely not an exhaustive explanation of how to make your partner special every day, but adherence to the guidelines will surely make your union a blissful one.



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