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How to Spend Less and Look Good

spend Less and Look Good

Spending less yet looking sharp and crisp is a challenge for many people. People believe that you need to have a fat pocket to look good.

This is not always true as you can spend less and still look good. It is often called “bargained shopping”. You can have your wardrobe filled with clothes, yet still find it difficult to choose what clothes to wear on different occasions. To overcome this challenge, you need to be deliberate especially when you have limited cash to spend on clothing. You need to spend within your budget and still appear stylish and distinctive.

You can achieve this in the following ways:

How to Spend Less and Look Good


1. Trash old clothes: Do not buy new clothes when your wardrobe is filled with old clothes that need to be trashed. Give out the old clothes or throw them away depending on their state. If you have to keep any, you must look good on it. Note the colours of the clothes you eventually keep so that they can appear stylish on you when you combine them with the new ones.

2. Find out where you can find discount stores: Discount stores are a major secret to getting your wardrobe full of good clothes. You can always get a discount store around you that sells quality clothes at giveaway or affordable prices. It could even be a thrift store or a consignment shop. The challenge with such stores is that they have a regimented or no-return policy, so observe carefully before you make your purchase.

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3. Fix possible defects: When you buy clothes at affordable or almost giveaway prices, there might be flaws. You should be ready to fix the defects. However, it is advisable that you inspect the clothes before purchasing them. The defects or flaws might be the reason the clothes are cheap.

But this does not eliminate the fact that they can still look good on you. The flaw might be that the shirts you like are available only in large sizes, while you want smaller sizes. So what do you do? Take the big size shirts to your designer to shape them to your perfect size.

4. Visit the sales rack: Most of the big stores you visit that sell their clothes at an expensive rate have factored in the cost of the rental in the price of the clothes. You can avoid paying expensive prices by visiting the sales rack. The sales rack around you would help you get good and quality clothes at affordable prices. Some sales racks are run by individuals who get these clothes and then look for a way to sell them off without necessarily paying for an expensive rental.

5. Use the Internet: The internet is the best place to go and compare prices. There are countless websites with special offers that can help you compare prices. You can even choose to purchase when they are doing crazy discounts. Most online stores offer crazy discounts possibly once or twice a year. You can discover a website that gives you quality clothes at an affordable price just by doing your research.

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You can always spend less and appear smart, all you need to do is follow the right steps. And nobody has to know unless you tell them.

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