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How to Make Romance Work


Romance can only work for you if you work it. Newton’s First Law of Motion states that an object that is at rest will stay at rest unless an external force acts upon it. This law is at variance with so many people who sit idle and expect their romantic life to be blissful without adequate inputs from them.

To have a desirable love life, therefore, it is important to make attempts and apply efforts to make things right. The good news about making romance work is that it need not be a complicated action. What you need to make romance work are simple and straightforward tasks that most people often take for granted.

The following are some ways romance can be put to work:

Read books on relationships to expand your horizon: It is amazing to see people who desire to have a blissful romantic life without having rich literature on romance. Reading books on relationships will broaden the mental horizon of a diligent seeker. It will make the diligent searcher have the opportunity of rubbing minds with great minds and know what to do at the right time.

Don’t be traditional: Anyone desirous of making romance work can’t afford to be stuck in tradition. So many African cultures feel and ensure that women are only seen and not heard. The culture ensures that women are seen as second class citizens.

Some traditions may feel that it is taboo for a man to show his emotional side. The tradition expects men to always display their macho side. You need to jettison that for you to make your romance work.

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Do the dishes. Take out the trash. Babysit. Yes, I know that’s not “African”. However, dude, you gotta do it to make romance work! Don’t be a traditionalist be a gentleman that your spouse will be proud of.

Remember landmarks and important dates: It is taboo to forget important dates, birthdays and anniversaries. Please, don’t forget. Try all possible means to engrave those dates in your head.

Listen to your spouse: Don’t take your spouse for granted by not listening to her. It is important that you make full eye contact when discussing with your spouse. You need it.


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