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Questions You Must Never Ask While Making Small Talk

questions you must never ask

As a man functioning within a large or small social group, it is important for you to take note of a couple of questions you must never ask. Yes, we know that this can be quite tedious considering all the other rules of a proper conversation that already exist. However, you need to note the questions you must never ask if you truly want to avoid social awkwardness and offending people. In this article, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling a few of those questions. They are:

1. “Did you just go there to have some fun?”

This question seems a tad harmless to the ordinary folk. When your friend tells you that they went to a particular country or state, there’s no harm in asking what they went to do. However, considering that you don’t know what they went for or if it was for a vacation at all, you’ll be setting yourself up if you ask whether they went for fun or not. Why? They might have gone for a funeral or a surgery. You never can tell. The last thing you want to do is to imply that they just went to joke around at a place that probably made them very sad.

2. “When is the baby due?”

Many men have made this mistake. Usually, the reason people ask is that they’re genuinely happy for the lady. However, asking this question isn’t always appropriate. What you think is a baby bump might just be a belly on a plus-sized lady. By asking her when the baby is due, you’re implying that she is pregnant and drawing attention to something that might be an insecurity for her. You’ll instantly look like a jerk.

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3. “How long have you been dating”

It seems pretty harmless to ask this question when your guy brings over a lady to an event. However, the chances are that they haven’t actually talked about officially dating yet. Alternately, they might’ve only just met on a dating website with little plans for a serious courtship. In response to the question, you’ll probably just get painfully awkward stares.

4. “When are you having children?”

Ordinarily, you shouldn’t even be asking this question at all unless the person is your very close friend, then it is excusable. But, even then, it is still a risk. Why? The chances are that the couple has been having problems getting a child before you brought the issue up. When you ask, you’ll just be bringing attention to something that’s been hurting them for a while.

5. “Is she your mom?”

Never ask your friend this question when you see him with a lady friend. You’ll be implying that she is old, and absolutely no lady likes to hear that. If you’re really curious, you can ask in private. 

To be honest, some things are much better left unsaid or, in this case, “un-asked.” Instead of making these potentially awkward mistakes, it’s better to simply think of other conversation starters.

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