The Power of Silence

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Have you ever wondered if silence has any significant importance? Are there situations when silence would be a necessary solution to an issue? If yes, how come many find it hard to keep silent in such situations? I believe the inappropriate use of silence has been a major reason for war, destruction of relationships and broken homes. In as much as it has a physical advantage, it also has spiritual benefits.

Silence is a powerful tool, but we often struggle to keep silent when necessary. At such times we act as if silence and solitude are our worst enemies. Silence has internal energy added to it like no other source. It has the power to get people to think and act. It can slow the mind down. It facilitates activities like intelligent listening and response. There are times we are expected to keep silent, for instance during arguments, gossip, when someone is talking, when the house is empty, and for quiet reflections.

The struggle with silence and solitude is a result of our daily activities – activities such as needless chatter, television programmes, music and noise of some kind.

The state of silence is a way of reaching another part of your mind. Find below some of the benefits of keeping silent when necessary:

1. Silence reduces stress

We are at most times left with stress as we engage in our daily activities. There are situations that are better handled by staying silent. When we do that we reduce the stress which would have been generated by activities that drain the mind and the body of its energy. When life is heavy and hard to take, go off by yourself. Enter the silence. In such a state, you turn your thoughts and focus inwards and gain the power you need to refuel your mind to handle the stress that comes with life’s challenges.

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2. It empowers communication

There is a place for silence in effective communication. When people speak, they want to be sure that they have communicated clearly to the receiver. The receiver can only get the full information if he or she listens intelligently. Intelligent listening often starts from quietness and focus through silence on the sender of a message, when they communicate. Silence helps you get the information, process it through your thoughts and respond appropriately to the message.

3. Increases your sensitivity

Sometimes we don’t see the beauty of the world around us. When there is silence, there is time for introspection and to allow your true self to speak – not the ego or the conscious mind, but the true self connected to the flow of energy around us.

4. It boosts your confidence

There is a general saying that “empty vessels make the loudest noise.” This is arguable and could be subjected to the experiences of different people, but people who keep silent are most times confident. This is because, in their silence, they process their thoughts, muster strength and harmonise their reasoning before releasing it to any situation. Even psychologists have proven that in tense situations, silence is a release to fear and lack of confidence.

5. Gets you organised

There are chaotic situations that set people off from their stable areas. That is, areas where they can easily plan and organise their thoughts, plans and actions. When people get into such situations, it is advised that they keep silent so as to muster inner strength for direction which will help them get organised again before they decide to launch out.

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6. Ancient spiritual discipline

Silence is also an ancient spiritual discipline which is believed to express the unsaid in terms of worship and faith. Spiritual leaders believe it empowers the worshiper to receive certain information from his Creator that relates to his purpose. This is why some religions believe that saying their prayers silently sets them free from all fears and anxiety. Silence as an ancient spiritual discipline is practiced amongst all religious groups.

I advise that you practise at least 15 minutes of silence every day for introspection to know what you want for that day. Let your silence count. Make a conscious effort to keep silent when necessary.

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