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Top Five Signs that You’re a Highly Sensitive Person

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Being a highly sensitive person isn’t particularly strange. As a matter of fact, hundreds of thousands of people around the world are incredibly sensitive to a vast number of things. While it isn’t necessarily bad, it isn’t particularly good either.

On the bright side, a highly sensitive person can easily detect when emotions are amiss in a place, for example, a car, or other places. On the dark side, however, they can also get very upset by the slightest things and lose their cool. So, are you a highly sensitive person? Let’s find out.

1. Violence affects you a lot

Usually, most people don’t like to see violence portrayed on screen or even in real life. However, they’ll often get over it and watch the movie anyway, especially if someone else is there with them. Never the less, as a highly sensitive person, you might be incredibly disturbed by violence, no matter who is there with you. For some people, it’s so bad that it gives them sleepless nights.

2. You’re usually exhausted emotionally

Emotional exhaustion often happens because you’ve spent so much time absorbing the emotions of other people. If this happens to be your reality, the chances are that you might just be very sensitive.

3. You become withdrawn quite easily

Usually, a highly sensitive person feels emotions on a higher level than others. As such, a slight embarrassment for others could lead to sadness for an HSP  the entire night. To deal with that pain, they usually withdraw.

4. You think too deeply

You are likely to read meaning to every single piece of information that comes your way. Even if it’s just a cursory glance, you’ll try to understand the motive behind it. If you’ve observed this trait in yourself, you might be very sensitive.

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5. You break down easily

A highly sensitive person usually has moments when they feel like things aren’t just going right due to all the negative emotions they notice in specific situations. During those times, they often break down and start crying. If this describes you, you might be highly sensitive.


The fact that you’re a highly sensitive person doesn’t make you any less of an excellent person. All you need to do is work on yourself to ensure that you do not allow trivialities get to you excessively.

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