Understanding the Dimensions of Romance


One of the qualities that men and women look out for in someone they want as a life partner is how romantic they are. Wives want their husbands to be romantic and vice versa. The art of romance can be mastered by whoever cares to know. Romance, as an act, means making amorous advances towards someone you care about. It’s a way of saying to your spouse or partner they are worth pursuing.

Foreplay and romance are not the same. Foreplay pursues the body while romance pursues the person. When two people are in a romantic relationship, their feelings for each other get renewed from time to time. They continue to seek each other, discovering new and interesting things about each another.

In one of his publications titled Conversations with God, Neal Donald Walsh wrote that “When you lose sight of each other as sacred souls on a sacred journey, then you cannot see the purpose, the reason, behind all relationship”. Romance should not make you lose sight of the purpose behind your relationship. Rather, it should enhance it and give it direction.

Some men desire to be romantic, but don’t know how to go about it. This article focuses on the secrets that will help you understand the dimensions of romance. The knowledge of these dimensions will help you rediscover your act and redefine your relationship. So, let’s dive into the various dimensions.

Physical attraction

The first is described as the dimension of physical attraction. In this dimension, the romantic connection is created from the way two lovers stare at themselves. This dimension is not only for lovers, it is also for those making advances at one another. It is aroused by physical attraction and common with people meeting each other for the first time. Immediately after the staring, it is followed up with sweet words of compliments. The man walks up to the woman to give her compliments, then other advancements can start from there. The dimension of physical attraction places more emphasis on physical appearance.

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Romance of the soul

The second dimension is called the romance of the soul. There is an immaterial part of a person which is the actuating cause of his life. When people experience deep feelings or emotions of the soul, we refer to them as soul ties. The soul which has the mind and the intellect as part of it can be developed. As two lovers develop their souls together, they move in one direction. Their opinions become one. Even when they need to consummate their love, they flow because they already have this connection of the soul. When couples read the same materials for self-development and carry each other along in developing their intellectual capacity. It is easy for them to experience the romance of the soul.

Romance of the Spirit

The third dimension is the romance of the spirit. This spiritual level is the highest level of romance. The romance is well served when the relationship is sustained with spiritual insights and principles. But fear-driven beliefs have tainted spiritual couplings for thousands of years. The foundation of a spiritual relationship is based on unconditional love. In practising the act of spiritual romance, couples understand their relationship with God, the rest of all humanity and all living things. Spiritual romance starts when couples meditate together regularly. The more they continue, the more it becomes a sacred ritual that must be performed daily; it improves the desire of the couples for one another. For spiritual romance, the more spiritual they get, the more romantic, they become. While they meditate and recite their spiritual hymns, there are often romantic words in them. As the partners do this together, it gets them more attracted to each other.

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Final Words…

Romance is a critical ingredient in a relationship. Many are not enjoying their relationship and thus function far below optimal levels in their relationship, life and marriage. The essence of this article is for you to know which dimension of romance you are practising and know how to improve on it.

The word ‘romance’ means excitement, adventure, something extremely real. And it should last a lifetime.

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