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Why Trust Is an Essential Part of Life

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How readily do you trust?

Let us take a familiar illustration. You suddenly find yourself on an island with nowhere else to go; all the faces around are largely unfamiliar. On this island, you desperately need to get out as fast as possible. My question is, while you are on this unfamiliar island, will you ever ask for directions? My best guess is that you are most likely going to. If you refuse to, then perhaps at some point in your life, you learnt distrust in a very hard way.

If you find yourself on this island which you have no knowledge of, your first instinct is to ask someone, a total stranger, for direction. At least this is the most logical thing to do, right? But on the other hand, asking for direction in an unknown territory during a war is a mistake a soldier on duty will never make! If you will ask a stranger for direction in a strange land, it can only be explained by one word – trust. As easy as the word sounds, I have come to discover that it is the most difficult thing humans can do.

The biggest thing we can do on this earth is to trust in God. It is usually easy to say but doing it is another thing entirely. Trusting in God can mean the strong conviction that the circumstances in which you find yourself are working toward your best and most appropriate end. Let the challenges go, trusting that God will intervene; and it will be so. This is your own task. Let God do His own part. This is the true meaning of “Ask and it shall be given”. It is not just enough to intend, meditate, pray or want. You must ask, believe, and form a strong partnership with Someone you can trust and that Person is God.

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Trusting also means surrendering completely to a power higher than yourself. You will agree with me that no matter your class, social stratum, age, or any other consideration, if you miss your way in unfamiliar territory you are most likely to ask for direction from someone (unless you are Robinson Crusoe). Trusting is just like being on an airplane only for you to start asking for the pilot’s mental state after it has taken off. No one worries about the pilot’s ability in the air. The thing that keeps you afloat is that you trust (even if no one told you) that the pilot is capable!

If you could find it convenient to trust your airplane pilot, your car driver or your location guide, why then is it difficult to trust in God? This trust allows you to challenge your fears, your strongly held beliefs, ideologies and the boundaries you have long set for yourself. Overcoming the fear of growing and of transformation from the present situation and reaching out to another requires full trust in God. Do things you would not ordinarily want to do. Go to places you would not ordinarily want to go. Try cooking the meal you ordinarily would not eat. These are some good ways to challenge your fears. Are you afraid of taking that quantum leap that will take your life to the next level? Do you look at the challenges rather than the ultimate benefits? Trust in the Lord and take all your challenges, your fears and cares to Him and leave them there!

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Trust allows you to experience bliss. When you trust that God in each moment is providing for the needs of your life, and His guidance and assistance are available to you 24 hours a day and seven days a week, then you are free to enjoy your interactions with others and leave behind the heavier frequencies of manipulation and the need to control. This path is the path of clarity, not pain.

When people say they trust no one (even God?) and they say it proudly, I take a second look at such people. These people would ordinarily ask for direction when they find themselves in unfamiliar territories. Just like when you get stuck on an island and you ask a stranger for direction to move on, so you need trust to move on in the journey of life. The trust I am talking about is the trust in God. But how do you trust someone you cannot see when you cannot trust someone or people you can see?

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