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Why You Should Consider Getting a Pet

getting a pet

In many African homes, we don’t really see the importance of getting a pet. Even if we do, we mostly just get dogs, keep them outside and use them as security animals to scare away anybody who has any particularly unsavoury thoughts towards us. 

But, what if we told you that these little furry creatures could do more than provide a bit of security? What if we told you that they’re great companions and they’re even good for your health too? Would you believe us and consider getting a pet, or would you need to be shown first? The latter? Alright then. Let’s look at three major reasons you should consider getting a pet in your life.

1. They can help to improve your mental health

Of course, you can’t have a conversation with them. At the very least, you might talk to them and get stares, but they can’t respond to you in the way that normal humans do. But, these pets can still help to provide a bit of support for your health.

They can do this by being your companion. Your dog, for example, is and will always be there for you. Apart from going out with you every once in a while, they’ll always be around you to keep loneliness at bay. Alongside that, they give you the responsibility of caring for them, which is a healthy distraction from the things that bother you. Finally, they’re incredibly cute!

2. They give you unconditional love and loyalty

All over the internet, there are stories of dogs and other pets doing whatever they can to protect children and their owners’ properties. So much so that they even end up putting their own lives at risk. It might seem unbelievable to you, but this is largely how animals function. With a little love, attention and food, of course, your pet is going to love you unconditionally, and they’ll show it, even though they cannot talk. This, however, is no substitute for human love.

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3. They help to support your physical state of wellbeing

Don’t get it wrong, unless you’ve trained it to do so, your dog or cat won’t come and wake you up every morning to get into your gym clothes so that you can work out. However, your dog, for example, will always show signs that they want you to take them out on a walk. By going on that walk, you’ll be exercising your body. What’s more exciting is that it helps you to meet new people and improve your social life. Finally, your pet being around you often might boost your allergy immunity to the fur of other animals. 


Our final take on the issue? Pets are absolutely adorable. For us, this alone is enough reason to own one.

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